29 September 2023

Dear Parent/Guardian

Following on from the success of the Summer Trips that saw us run a menu of different activities ranging from overnight theme park and London visits, to day trips across the country and some more local adventures.  We are now looking at our end of term Christmas Trips that will be running on Tuesday December 19th.

Once again we are presenting you with a menu of different trips that will hopefully have something for everyones taste.  The trips also come at a variety of different prices to suit everyones budget.  All the activities have been run past our school council who have offered advice when thinking of what trips to put on.

As Christmas is a busy time of year for all we will only be offering day trips this time round.  The overnight trips will return for our summer end of year trips.  There will still be two different types of trips, from those with an early start/late finish and those that return in time for the buses.

Please click on the link below that will take you to the brochure of trips that we will be offering all pupils in year 7 – 10.  Some of the trips have limits on the amount of pupils we can take, this is due to the amount of tickets we are able to secure for the trip and the logistics of having a group to large for a particular venue.


Can I invite you to look through the list and select a trip you would like your child to participate in.  All trips will be available to pay for in full on our online payment system Ipay Cunninghams from 6.00 pm on Monday 2nd October.  Those trips that have limited capacity will be on a first come first served basis, once a trip is full the ipay system will shut off that trip.  Please do not come into school before that date with any other method of payment as it will not be accepted.  Once a trip has reached its capacity we will not be able to accept anymore pupils on those trips, pupils will have to pick another trip.   Can I advise you to load the money onto ipay before the trips become live, it will speed the process up for you when trying to book.

Once your child has paid for a trip there will be a cooling off period until the end of Wednesday 4th October as we understand that sometimes not all a particular group of friends will make it onto the same trip, so refunds and trip changes will be allowed until then.  After Wednesday 4th October we will not be able to offer any refunds as we will already have used the funds to pay for the different elements of the trip.  The only instance where we will offer a refund is if we cancel the trip as a school.

The Christmas trips are a reward for nearly all of our pupils who demonstrate excellent attendance and behaviour. If over the period before the trip your child has a number of unauthorised absences, persistent poor behaviour or a singular serious incident of poor behaviour we have the right to withdraw your child’s place on the trip.

I am sure you agree the trips will offer pupils a fantastic end to what is already a busy Autumn Term.  I fully appreciate it is very early to be asking parents to pay for Christmas trips but we have to book early to secure activities and transportation.

If you have any queries regarding anything to do with the trips please don’t hesitate to contact me on email evansm701@hwbcymru.net

Yours sincerely

Matthew Evans