April 2024

Dear parents and carers,

As headteachers of Swansea’s secondary schools, we find ourselves in a critical period of financial strain that directly threatens the breadth and quality of educational programmes we can offer to our learners. Our schools are facing unprecedented financial challenges that are likely to have a significant impact on intervention groups, support for learners with Additional Learning Needs (ALN), extracurricular activities, and enrichment programmes.

The gap between rising operational costs and the funding available to our schools is widening. Increased expenses in energy, resources, and staffing, against a backdrop of insufficient budget increases, place us in a precarious position. Even with concerted efforts by the City and County of Swansea to alleviate these pressures, we still shall be facing significant financial challenges.

Many aspects of school life could be adversely affected, including the following:

  • Intervention groups, ALN support and the breadth of curriculum choice, especially vocational courses and alternative curriculum provision. The potential reduction in funding may lead to a decrease in tailored interventions, where learners rely on these for their academic and personal development.
  • Extracurricular and enrichment activities: the enriching experiences that extend learning beyond the classroom, including sports, arts, and cultural trips, face severe cutbacks. These programmes, vital for fostering well-rounded individuals and enhancing learner engagement, will become more difficult to afford and may have to be cut in the future.
  • Support for wellbeing and pastoral care.

Despite these daunting financial realities, we remain steadfast in our dedication to preserving the core educational mission of our schools. We are exploring all avenues to mitigate the impact on our learners, prioritising the maintenance of essential learning experiences and support services.

Your support, understanding, and advocacy are crucial. We encourage you to engage with school initiatives, whether through volunteering, participating in fundraising efforts, or advocating for better educational funding. Your involvement makes a tangible difference in our capacity to offer a rich, diverse educational experience.

We are committed to transparency and ongoing communication with you as we navigate these challenges. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome as we seek solutions to these financial constraints.

Thank you for your support and partnership during these challenging times. Together, we will continue to strive for excellence in education for all our learners, ensuring they have the opportunities they deserve to thrive.

Yours faithfully,

The headteachers of Swansea’s secondary schools

(Swansea City and County Association of Secondary Headteachers)