12th September 2023

Dear Parent/Carer,

Although we’ve enjoyed a delightful spell of warm weather following a wet summer, we would like to inform you that starting from Monday 18th September, pupils are expected to resume wearing their full school uniform. From next Monday, shorts will only be permitted during PE lessons and not at any other time of the day. This change is in anticipation of more typical seasonal temperatures returning by next week. We hope that providing you with advance notice will allow you ample time to ensure your child is dressed in the correct uniform by next Monday. For more details, please refer to our school uniform policy, accessible here:


We are aware that there is a delay in the supply of the school approved leggings sold by Bergoni. Please can you communicate with us if this applies to your child or if there are any other issues with the wearing of correct uniform. We can then update your child’s Talaxy profile so staff are aware of any uniform issues. We kindly request everyone’s cooperation in wearing their complete school uniform. This is a significant help in not only reinstating routines but also fostering a sense of inclusion and belonging among our pupils.

If you have not yet accessed Talaxy please register using the link sent to your email by Talaxy. Talaxy replaces the previous Insight App, this new information system offers far more functionality that will ultimately better support our pupils. Talaxy will allow you to access a wide range of information on your child, including attendance, achievements and behaviours, including detentions. An introductory guide can be accessed here:


Yours sincerely

Mr Christopher Mitchell
Care, Support and Guidance Coordinator