We are thrilled to showcase the incredible accomplishments of our talented pupils from Pontarddulais Comprehensive’s Code Club team. Earlier this year, the club enthusiastically participated in the Astro Pi Mission Lab competition organized by the European Space Agency. The competition consisted of four distinct stages: Initial Idea & Proof of Concept, Create, Deployment, and Report.

We are delighted to announce that Holly Pitt (Year 10) and Coby Chapman (Year 9) dedicated a significant amount of time and worked diligently to meet the demanding deadlines throughout the competition. Their commitment and effort truly paid off.

Our project was granted “flight status” by the space agency, which means it was selected to run in space. In April of this year, our project took flight, with the data being sent back to us earlier this month. It’s important to highlight that out of numerous entries received, only 249 projects were chosen for this remarkable opportunity.

We are excited to share a glimpse of our project’s journey by attaching some captivating images captured from space using the code developed by our talented pupils. You can find the images at this link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/XUkY5J21RhU29frK9

Congratulations once again to Holly Pitt and Coby Chapman for their exceptional contributions to the Astro Pi Mission Lab competition. Their dedication and hard work have truly made us proud. Stay tuned for more updates and achievements from our Code Club!