Monday 19th December 2022

End-of-term letter

Dear Parents/Carers,

It is pleasing to write to you at the end of a very successful and productive term. Later this week we shall send you this term’s Newsletter, which showcases the variety of achievements and experiences of our pupils this term. More current detail on school life is within the Governors’ Annual Report to Parents, which can be found on the school website here:

The school is now in full festive mode, and the Christmas tree is looking splendid in the school’s foyer! We are eagerly looking forward to this evening’s Christmas Concert. It is a busy and varied last week of term so please check the arrangements below.

Tuesday 20th December:  Non-school uniform for pupils attending trips in Years 7-10. Year 11 pupils are to wear school uniform for their Gower College visit, except for those pupils on vocational courses. Pupils remaining in school, not attending school trips, are to wear uniform as normal. Please be mindful that whenever non-school uniform is allowed that this does not mean that pupils can wear facial piercings.

Wednesday 21st December: Pupils are to wear uniform as normal in all year groups, including Year 11 pupils attending the Coleg Sir Gar taster visit, except for those pupils on vocational courses.

Thursday 22nd December: Christmas jumper day, pupils can wear Christmas jumper/top and non-school uniform bottoms/shoes; no donation is required. Christmas lunch will be served!

Friday 23rd December (last day of term): Non-school uniform in support of Amnesty International, pupils are encouraged to wear something yellow. All proceeds will go directly to the charity suggested voluntary donation of £1 per pupil. Last week Maddie Wallis (ex-pupil) spoke to all pupils during assemblies on the work that this charity does across the world and inspired pupils through her fundraising work.

On the last day, pupils will follow their normal timetable for their first two lessons. To help the last day run smoothly please check your child brings in the necessary equipment and dresses appropriately. Pupils will be treated to a range of entertainment through the Bont’s Got Talent show during lessons 3 and 4. After lunch there will be an end-of-term assembly; the announcement of the winners of the talent show, the raffle, and an opportunity to wish their classmates and form tutors a Merry Christmas! With Christmas Eve the very next day, we want all pupils to enjoy up to the last day of term.

Normal lessons shall continue into the last day so attendance remains very important. It is great to report that our school has the highest rate of attendance in all Swansea secondary school this term. This is something we take a great deal of pride in and we would like to build on this in the new year. Thank you for playing your part in this success.

Tuesday 10th January is the pupils’ return date in the new year. Staff will return to school for an INSET day on Monday 9th January.

I hope you share my gratitude for the outstanding professionalism, commitment and care school staff have afforded to our pupils throughout this year. Likewise, I fully recognise and appreciate your support to ensure we can uphold high standards in school.

Finally, I would like to wish you all a relaxing and enjoyable festive break. Please contact the school if you have any queries.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Gareth Rees