Pupil Term Dates & Inset Days

1st Half Term
1st Half Term
2nd Half Term
2nd Half Term
Autumn 2023
Tuesday 5 September
Friday 27 October
Tuesday 7 November
Friday 22 December
Spring 2024
Tuesday 9 January
Friday 9 February
Monday 19 February
Friday 22 March
Summer 2024
Monday 8 April
Friday 24 May
Tuesday 4 June
Friday 19 July

Friday 1st September 2023
Monday 4th September 2023
Friday 29th September 2023
Monday 6th November 2023
Monday 8th January 2024
Monday 3rd June 2024

Bank Holidays

29 March 2024 – Good Friday
1 April 2024 – Easter Monday
6 May 2024 – May Day
27 May 2024 – Spring Bank Holiday

Please note that this calendar is subject to any changes that may arise as a result of Welsh Government issuing a Direction on term dates

The City and County of Swansea does not accept any liability for any losses incurred in respect of altered holiday arrangements following changes to the timetable in any direction issued by the Welsh Government.