Religion, Values and Ethics

Welcome to Religion, Values and Ethics. In year 9, you will study a
variety of topics across 3 broad themes:

Autumn term – Enquiry, diversity, and impact of actions.

In this theme we study Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights
Movement. We look at how black people were treated in the
Southern states of America at the time of MLK and how the Christian Beliefs about Equality, Love and Non Violence influenced the way black people protested and tried to gain equality. We will also
consider the question “Is it ever Right to use Violence” by looking at the contrasting views of MLK and Malcolm X, as well as peace
Movements that emerged in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.
We will also study examples of other religious and non religious
responses to Racism today.

Head of Department

Miss B Harris


Spring term – Understanding of place-Our dynamic world.

During this theme we will study the impact of Anti – Semitism on Jewish people throughout their history, with particular emphasis on The Shoah that took place across Europe during the rule of the Nazis. We will study the causes of Anti – Semitism and examine the impact of The Shoah on Jewish Faith.

Summer term – Taking action, diversity, and stewardship.

For this theme we will study Philosophy and Ethics, we’ll look at how we make decisions as to what is right and wrong, and different ideas about the right way to live our lives. Then you’ll be able to pick a moral issue that you are interested in or passionate about and look at all the views on it and what influences those views on whether it is right or wrong.

NCFE – Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity
The RVE Department also offers every pupil in Year 10 and 11 the opportunity to achieve the Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity. This qualification raises their awareness of the issues surrounding equality and diversity, and allows them to apply this awareness through their actions in society, their community and the workplace. The qualification is pass or fail, and achieved through completion of coursework within the lesson. A level 2 Certificate if awarded is the equivalent of two B Grades at GCSE, and would be looked on favourably be employers who often have to send their employees on courses such as this one as part of their Equality and Diversity policies.

GCSE Religious Studies
Pupils study two units:
Unit 1 – Religion and Philosophical Themes.
Unit 2 – Religion and Ethical Themes.
Pupils will sit the Unit 1 exam at the end of Year 10 and the Unit 2 exam at the end of Year 11. Both grades put together make up their overall grade. There is no coursework.


Extra curricular

There are currently no extra curricular activities for Religion, Values and Ethics.


Miss B Harris

Miss B Harris

Head of Religion, Values and Ethics