Public Services

If you choose public services as an option in year 9 you will study the: Pearson/ BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate in Teamwork and Personal Development in the Community. The aim of this course is to develop the pupil’s research, skills and knowledge to prepare them for work, apprenticeships or further education courses at collage. Much of the work is practical in nature and designed to develop the teamwork and communication skills that are so valued by employers.


Mr K Holifield, Mr J Humphreys


The course is split into 3 Units:
• Developing Effective Team Working Skills
• Personal Development through Adventurous Training
• Improving Health and Fitness for Personal Well-being

In unit 1, pupils will learn about team building skills and have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of teambuilding challenges and tasks. Pupils will need to use team working skills and understand the benefits and challenges of teamwork and the importance of effective communication. Pupils will be encouraged to reflect on their individual and team performance after each task, and identify how they could improve and ultimately become more effective and efficient.

We expect our pupils to take part in adventurous type training activities because we believe they develop key skills and personal attributes such as communication, leadership, discipline, resilience and trust. Some of the activities we have offered in the past include: rock climbing, surfing, coast steering, orienteering, gorge walking, mountain biking and hill walking.

The final unit is about developing healthy young people, who are capable of making informed choices that affect their lifestyle and well-being. Pupils will take part in various physical training activities, fitness testing and sports to progress their practical skills and their fitness levels. Pupils will learn about bodily functions and the effect that various forms of exercise have on the body. Pupils will then produce a 6 week personal development plan designed to improve aspects of their health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle.

Pupils are continually assessed during this course and there is no Exam. Pupils will be assessed through the quality of the work they produce, their contribution to practical sessions; and their effort and attitude to learning.


Extra curricular

There are currently no activities.


Mr K Holifield

Mr K Holifield

Mr J Humphreys

Mr J Humphreys