Music includes performing, improvising and composing, listening and appreciation.

Head of Department

Mrs K Carter



Peripatetic Provision

• Strings – Every Friday Morning
• Woodwind – All day Monday
• Brass – Wednesday Morning
• Drums – Tuesday Afternoon
• Guitar – All day Thursday
• Keyboard – Tuesday Morning

All pupil peripatetic lessons now cost £36 per half term and tuition will be in small groups. If there are more than 2 children in a family receiving tuition then there is a family rate of £46 per half term available

Transition /year 7
Pupils would have received letters with this information on during transition week or within the first 2 weeks of a new term in September.

Letters are always available form Mrs Carter, Head of Music for any pupil wishing to learn an instrument throughout the year.

Extra curricular

Tuesday & Wednesday Registration – Choir
Monday lunchtime – Orchestra
Tuesday lunchtime – GCSE
Wednesday lunchtime – Keyboard group
Thursday lunchtime – Ukulele group
Friday lunchtime – Chamber choir

We also offer a range of additional music lessons for various instruments.


Mrs K Carter

Mrs K Carter

Head of Music