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Friday 28th August 2020 

Updated arrangement for the new academic year 2020-21 


Dear Parent/Carer,  

I hope you and your family have been able to enjoy the summer breakWe are looking forward to welcoming pupils back to school in September. Having recently received current national guidance and liaised with the local authority with regard to safeguarding we are now able to confirm arrangements for the new term. As I stated last term we can all collectively take pride in how we have worked together to support not just our pupils but the wider community during the coronavirus pandemic. Please be assured that there is no complacency at Pontarddulais Comprehensive. Even though the local transmission rates are very low we are acutely aware that things can change quickly, as has happened in other parts. 


Information for September

On their first day Year 7 pupils be welcomed on the main drive by a member of staff and will be shown to their form room.  Year 8 to 11 pupils should follow the one way system to their form rooms. The updated list of form tutors and rooms can be found here.




Week 1
Tuesday 1st & Wednesday 2nd September STAFF ONLY
Thursday 3rd September Year 7 & 11
Friday 4th September Year 7 & 11


Week 2
Monday 7th September Year 7, 10 & 11
Tuesday 8th September Year 7, 9, 10 & 11
Wednesday 9th September All pupils to return to school


What are the timings of the school day?

The timings of the school day are as follows:

What time will my child finish school?

If you pick up your child from school please be mindful of the staggered end of the day:

Year 7:   2:48 pm
Year 8:   2:51 pm
Year 9:   2:54 pm
Year 10:  2:57 pm
Year 11:   3:00 pm

Where should my child go at break and lunch times?

For break time pupils can remain in their lesson 1 classroom or use the designated outside zones.

outside zones for pupils








At lunchtime pupils can remain in their lesson 4 classroom or use the main hall for lunch. They will also be able to use the designated outside zones.

Does my child need to wear uniform?

Normal uniform rules will return in September in line with national guidance; details and a reminder of the school’s uniform policy can be found here:

The uniform suppliers, Bergoni, have recently contacted the school explaining they are currently unable to meet the current demand for a variety of reasons. Therefore, if you are experiencing difficulties purchasing uniform for your child’s start date please inform the school by email, which will be forwarded onto your child’s Progress Manager. Your child’s Progress Manager will contact you to agree a period of grace for appropriate uniform can be arranged.

Will there be food/ snacks available in the school?

The Canteen will be closed until Monday 14th September.  Pupils will be required to bring in a packed lunch until it re-opens. The vending machine will not be available for use.

eFSM arrangements

The system that has been in place during lockdown will continue until Friday 11th September (BACs or food bags).

Will the school buses / transportation be running?

Home-school transport will continue to be provided by the local authority from Thursday 3rd September. The most current guidance can be found here: Parent & Pupil school transport guidance.

If you have any queries please contact the Council’s School Transport Team

Email :

Phone:  01792 636347/636348

Does my child need to wear a face covering/mask?

The Welsh Government now recommends the use of face coverings/masks for people aged 11 and above indoors where social distancing cannot be maintained, including in schools and on school transport. Pupils should therefore wear face coverings in corridors, when queuing for lunch and on home-school transport. The reason for this is that social distancing between contact groups in these areas of the school is more difficult to achieve. As pupils will be removing and replacing the face covering throughout the day it is advisable to store it in a sterilised plastic bag (ideally zip-locked) to support the hygiene of your child. Your support in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Handmade washable face coverings/masks will be available for purchase from school (£3/£4 for child/adult), and all proceeds will be used to support our community through Pontarddulais Partnership (registered charity). More information can be found here:

Which days do STF pupils attend during the first fortnight?

STF pupils have been notified separately of the days that they will be attending school, these differ from mainstream year groups set out in the letter to parents.

Chromebooks / school devices

If your child borrowed a Chromebook or another school device during the lockdown could they please return it to the school on their first day back in September.