TGAU Cymraeg 2020-2021

Your year 11 topics will be the same topics as those studied in Year 10.

They will include:

  • Yr Ardal = The Area
  • Abertawe = Swansea
  • Cymru = Wales
  • Patagonia
  • Technoleg = Technology
  • Bwyta’n Iach = Eating Healthy
  • Cadw’m Heini = Keeping Fit

You will also be provided with additional topics to work through and create your own personal response via the Study Zone.  You are advised to email your work to your teacher for marking.  It is essential you work on these additional topics and have a copy of your work; either as a paper copy in your folder, or a digital copy on your HWB folder titled Welsh, for when you return to school.

During Year 11 you will be working towards the 3 external exams:

  • Unit 2 [Speaking Exam] examined during April 2021
  • Unit 3 [Reading & Writing Exam]
  • Unit 4 [Reading & Writing Exam] both will be examined during the summer term of 2021.

Examples of this work can be found on the Study Zone, together with exemplar answers and marking schemes for you to refer to when attempting the tasks.