Year 10


As part of your English Language qualification you will need to complete 2 speaking assessments. 1 will be an individual and 1 will be a group task. Whilst studying away from school, you have the perfect opportunity to prepare for your individual task. This task is worth 10% of your English Language. When we return to school, arrangements will be made to assess these speeches.

Task 1 (10%) – Individual Researched Presentation (40 marks) One individual, researched presentation, which may include responses to questions. Candidates are expected to participate in an individual oral activity by presenting information on any aspect or aspects relating to one of the following themes:

  1. Wales
  2. Leisure
  3. The World of Work
  4. The World of Science/Technology
  5. Citizenship

You will need to prepare a 5 – 7 minute speech on a topic of your choice that comes under one of the above sub categories. Avoid using any videos etc. as you will need to be speaking for the duration of the talk. PowerPoints are NOT permitted. You may, however, use cards/prompts to help you during the speech. If your speech is less that 5 minutes you will be required to answer questions. It’s a good idea to aim for a minimum of 6 minutes to avoid being asked questions.

Try to make your speech persuasive and start it with a question. Some examples that have been successful in the past are:

  • Is the scientific world changing too fast?
  • How bad are genetically modified foods for our health?
  • Are athletes getting stronger and faster or is technology aiding them?
  • Animal testing – is it ethical or not?
  • Are exams results used to label pupils?
  • Is social media and our culture to blame for obesity?
  • What impact can video games have on our lives?
  • Why aren’t women’s sports celebrated and recognised like men’s?
  • Are professional sports stars paid too much?

On Moodle there are a number of examples of speeches along with the marks that the exam board awarded them. Have a go at using the mark scheme to give a mark out of 40 to the speeches before checking what the exam board gave them.

Secondly, there are examples of written speeches to help support you when writing your talk.

If you would like to check your speech topic is appropriate before you start to construct the speech then either email your English teacher or Miss Osborne (