Welcome to the History department! As you come into year 9 you will study a range of new and exciting historical topics and concepts.

Autumn term – Enquiry, diversity, and impact of actions

In this theme we study the crime in Victorian England, looking carefully at why social issues contributed to the rise in crime in Whitechapel and the treatment of women. We also study the effects of the British Empire and Edwardian class systems leading in to the tragedy of Titanic and reasons for the disaster.

Head of Department

Mrs G Bennett


Spring term-Understanding of place-Our dynamic world

During this theme we will study our place as Welsh people in the wider world and connect to the routes and diversity of Welshness studying topics such as the Welsh Windrush, Patagonia and the campaign for a Welsh Senedd.

Summer term-Taking action, diversity, and stewardship

Here we will take an in depth look at protest over time focussing on the fight for equality for all over time. We will explore the histories of rebel Welsh women, the Chartists, the development of Pride as well the Miner’s Strike and its effects in Wales.

At GCSE there are 4 different topics including:

Depression War and Recovery 1930-1951
USA: A Nation of Contrast 1910-1929
Crime and Punishment c.1500-present day
NEA Life in the 1960s
For more information on these please visit the History page of the studyzone.


Extra curricular

There are currently no extra curricular activities for History. 


Mrs G Bennett

Mrs G Bennett

Head of History

Mr C Mitchell

Mr C Mitchell