Summer Exams Timetable – Year 11

Monday 6th May
Tuesday 7th May
Entry Level Maths-Numeracy (1hr)
Wednesday 8th May
Thursday 9th May
Numeracy Unit 1 F (1hr 30m)
Numeracy Unit 1 H & I (1hr 45m)
Friday 10th May
Biology Unit 2 (1hr 45m)
Double Science Unit 4 (1hr 15m)
Monday 13th May
Tuesday 14th May
French Unit 2 & 3 (1hr 35m - 2hrs)
Wednesday 15th May
History Unit 1 (1hr)
Thursday 16th May
Mathematics Unit 1 F (1hr 30m)
Mathematics Unit 1 H & I (1hr 45m)
Religious Studies Unit 1 Resit Only (2hrs)
Friday 17th May
Chemistry unit 2 (1hr 45m)
Double Science unit 5 (1hr 15m)
Geography Unit 1 (1hr 30m)
Monday 20th May
English Literature Unit 2 (2hrs)
Health and Social Care Unit 1 Resit Only (1hr 30m)
Tuesday 21st May
Engineering Unit 3 (1hr 30m)
Wednesday 22nd May
Welsh 2nd Language Unit 3 (1hr 30m)
PE unit 1 (Full Course) (2 hrs)
PE unit 1 (Short Course) (1 hr)
Thursday 23rd May
English Language Unit 2 (2hrs)
Friday 24th May
Physics unit 2 (1hr 45m)
Double Science unit 6 (1hr 15m)
French unit 4 (Writing) F (1hr 15m)
French unit 4 (Writing) H (1hr 30m)
Half Term
Half Term
Half Term
Monday 3rd June
Numeracy unit 2 F (1hr 30m)
Numeracy unit 2 H & I (1hr 45m)
Spanish Unit 2 & 3 (1hr 35m - 2hrs)
Tuesday 4th June
Welsh 2nd Language Unit 4 (1hr 30m)
History Unit 2 Resit Only (1hr)
Wednesday 5th June
Geography Unit 2 (1hr 30m)
Thursday 6th June
English Language Unit 3 (2hrs)
Contingency Session
Friday 7th June
Religious Studies Unit 2 (2hrs)
Monday 10th June
Biology Unit 1 Resit Only (1hr 45)
Double Science Unit 1 Resit Only (1hr 15m)
Spanish unit 4 (Writing) F (1hr 15m)
Spanish unit 4 (Writing) H (1hr 30m)
Tuesday 11th June
Digital Technology Unit 1 (1hr 30m)
History Unit 3 (1hr 15m)
Wednesday 12th June
Mathematics unit 2 F (1hr 25m)
Mathematics unit 2 H & I (1hr 35m)
Thursday 13th June
Chemistry unit 1 Resit Only (1hr 45m)
Double Science unit 1 Resit Only (1hr 15m)
Contingency Session
Friday 14th June
Monday 17th June
Physics Unit 1 Resit Only (1hr 45m)
Double Science Unit 1 Resit Only (1hr 15m)
Music Unit 3 (approx 1hr)
Tuesday 18th June
Design and Technology (2hrs)
Wednesday 19th June
Food & Nutrition Unit 1 (1hr 30m)
Additional Maths (2hr 30m)
Thursday 20th June
Friday 21st June
Monday 25th June
Tuesday 26th June
Wednesday 27th June
Contingency Session
Contingency Session