6th May 2022

Face covering/mask update

Dear Parents/Carers,

From Monday 9th May pupils and staff are no longer required to wear masks when moving around the school and in communal areas in school. This will bring schools into line with the rest of society. Those who wish to continue to wear a face covering are still welcome to do so. We will continue to follow guidance to ensure appropriate and proportionate Covid-19 measures remain.

The first GCSE examinations start on Monday 16th May.  Advice for pupils sitting examinations, regarding self-isolation for people with Covid-19 and their contacts can be found here: https://gov.wales/self-isolation#section-96792. Pupils are encouraged therefore to have access to LFT devices throughout the duration of their examinations.

Pupils should be congratulated for demonstrating a mature attitude towards the wearing of masks; they have played their part in mitigating against the spread of Covid-19. Thanks for reinforcing this Covid-19 safeguarding measure with your child. We sincerely hope that is a safeguarding measure that we will not need to return to. Please contact the school if you require any further information.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Gareth Rees