Dear Parent/Carer,  

I am writing to inform you that we will be continuing our longstanding support of Comic Relief by holding a non-school uniform day on Friday 18th March. We are suggesting that pupils make a voluntary donation of £1 to support this worthy cause. 

Donations can be made via our Comic Relief Just Giving page, which can be accessed by clicking this link: . Alternatively, pupils can bring in money on the day, but please ensure they have the correct change to donate, as we will not be able to give change.   

Please can you ensure that your child dresses appropriately for school on that day, particularly if they have practical lessons.  Whilst it is a non-uniform day, please be aware that our rules regarding facial piercings and jewellery are still in place. These can be accessed here: 

Failure to follow any of the conditions set out above may result in you being asked to come to collect your child or bring in more appropriate clothing for your child. We would like pupils to enjoy the day in a pleasant, safe and respectful manner. Your continued support is very much appreciated.  

Yours Sincerely, 

Mr. Christopher Mitchell
Care, Support and Guidance Coordinator