Friday 18th June 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,

Firstly, many thanks for successfully preparing your child for their return to school following the half-term break. Through correct uniform and wearing masks to school each day your actions directly contribute to collaboratively achieving a positive, safe and productive environment for all in our school community.

Whilst working within the current Covid restrictions we are continually reviewing how to enrich the current provision for your child. To that end, we will be changing our break time offer from Monday 21st June, as well as introducing some extra-curricular activities.

Break Provision

Since the first school closure we have not sold food or drink break times to socially distance year groups (contact groups). Now that Year 11 have finished school we now believe we can offer pupils the opportunity to buy food and drink at break time in a planned way as shown below.

Extra-Curricular Activities

I am also pleased to inform you that we have started offering extra-curricular activities once more. However, the principle of socially distancing year groups still applies, which comes with its own logistical challenges.

The following PE extra-curricular provision started on Tuesday 15th June. Pupils should meet at the outdoor changing rooms; all sessions will run from 3.00-4.00pm. You will need to make your own arrangements for transport home for all after school activities.

Change to timings at the end of the day

Now Year 11 have left we are able to add three minutes on to the staggered end of the day for each year group as from Monday 21st June:

Two final areas where your support would be appreciated:

  • Please ensure that your child does not wear false fingernails to school, some pupils have started doing so. They are a hazard to themselves and others e.g. playing sports and physical exercise; practical work in design and technology or science.
  • Bus passes – pupils must show their bus passes each day when embarking on their journey to and from school. This is to ensure that the correct pupils are on the correct bus. This avoids the risk of overcrowding, potential Covid transmission and so we know who would have been on a bus if there is a confirmed positive Covid-19 case.

Many thanks to staff for providing the extra-curricular activities, without who this would not be possible. We will be looking to further enrich our extra-curricular offer in a safe way in line with current and future government operational guidance. I hope your child is enjoying and thriving from their return to school and that this news is something they can take advantage of. Your continued support is very much appreciated.


Yours faithfully,

Mr. G. Rees