Year 11 Shirt Signing

Dear Parent/Carer,

With Year 11 pupils’ time with us nearing an end I am writing to you to confirm that, due to popular demand, a long standing tradition of the signing of shirts as a keepsake of their time at Pontarddulais will be allowed. We have adjusted the assessment timetable to allow the year group to come together, during the afternoon of Friday 28th May in a Covid secure manner. The weather is set fair so pupils will be able to use their ample outside zone or Sports Hall to bid farewell to their peers and staff in attendance. The 11TIS English Literature assessment has been moved to lesson 1 on Friday morning.  There are certain conditions that must be followed to allow this to happen, which are set out below:

  • Pupils will only be allowed to sign shirts on Friday 28thMay 2021 between 14.00pm-15.00pm.
  • During lesson 4 pupils will have the opportunity to take part in interform PE games such as rounders or longball, so need to bring the appropriate school PE kit.
  • Pupils bring in a clean spare polo shirt or school jumper to be signed (pupils will not be allowed to have a shirt signed if it is being worn).
  • Pupils must bring in their own pen to sign so that they do not share pens with other pupils.
  • Pupils are instructed not to touch each other’s shirt but simply to apply the pen to the shirt to sign. The pupil whose shirt is being signed can lay the shirt on a flat surface and hold in position, tables will be made available with sanitising gel.
  • Face coverings to be worn at all times, except when pupils are in their outside zone.
  • Pupils should not ask members of staff or pupils from other year groups to sign shirts.
  • Hand sanitising stations will be set up to allow compliance with our common hand hygiene practice.

We want your child to look back fondly at their time at Pontarddulais and we are pleased to be able to offer this opportunity to commemorate what we hope had been an enjoyable experience with us. However, if a pupil fails to follow the conditions as set out above, they will be removed from the area where shirt signing is occurring and supervised by a member of staff. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,


Mr. Mitchell

Care, Support and Guidance Coordinator