Below is a message from Coleg Sir Gar regarding enrolment:

Regarding enrolment at the College, we would like to get as many students enrolled as early as possible in this exceptional year, using provisional grades issued by schools/colleges in June to inform this process. Therefore, enrolment will occur between Wednesday 30th June and Tuesday 13 July (except Friday 9 July) for most FE learners (i.e. new learners, those progressing from E to L1, L1 to L2 and L2 to L3).

Re-enrolment for those moving into year 2 of a L3 programme will take place between Monday 14 June and Friday 25 June.  Additional ‘catch up’ enrolment sessions will run from Thursday 26 August to Friday 3 September.

As in 2020, enrolment will be staggered with different subjects the focus on campus on different days. This will keep numbers on each site manageable and offer a safer, more relaxed, experience for learners.
The start of term 2021/22 for FE/WBL/Schools will start Monday 6th September with HE starting from Monday 20th September.