Home learning update

13th January 2021

Home learning update

Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope you and your family are well, we are very thankful to you for continuing to support your child in their home learning. The purpose of this letter is to give you a brief update as to how the home learning provision is being improved further. Your valued feedback through parental surveys has allowed staff to evaluate current provision and make further alterations.

Form-time ‘check-in’ sessions

From Monday 18th January your child will be expected to log onto their form Teams at 8.30am each morning. This will allow for any general queries to be addressed and for form tutors to pass on any relevant information. We are hoping this will foster more of a community feel to the home learning and reflect a normal school day through the inclusion of assemblies and keeping up with current affairs.

Timetable reminder

Pupils are now experienced at following their normal timetable remotely from home. You should have received a separate e-mail from Mrs. Evans (Area Coordinator for Health and Wellbeing) yesterday explaining that pupils should now also log onto Teams for their PE lessons, starting Wednesday 13th January. The focus of the lessons will be to get pupils active in a safe way.

Learning Packs

School staff have been busy hand delivering learning packs to pupils in all year groups. As we were completing the delivery last week we were informed by Welsh Government that the home learning would have to be extended until 29th January (at the earliest) therefore we are now organising a second learning pack delivery for Year 9, 10 and 11 who now require additional physical resources. Parents have commented how grateful they are to staff for going ‘above and beyond’ to ensure pupils have the resources they require to learn effectively from home. Please be assured your thanks has been relayed onto all staff involved. The aim is to start delivering again on Wednesday 13th January and hopefully complete by Friday 15th January.

Additional Support

If a lack of an appropriate device is preventing your child from engaging in home learning we will try our very best to loan you a device until your child returns to school. Often, we have been able to resolve issues through working together.

It has been appreciated when parents/carers contact the school to explain if their child is not able to learn from home due to illness, or any other reason. Designated staff are making courtesy phone calls to parents to check to see how the home learning is progressing and to see if any other support can be offered. The link below offers further simple and practical measures which will support your child in their home learning:


We fully appreciate that for many pupils and parents/carers the coronavirus pandemic continues to be a difficult time to navigate, and home learning poses many challenges. Your ongoing support is valued more than ever, and we look forward to the day where life and school can return to normal, in the meantime please keep safe and well.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. G. Rees