Changes to safeguarding measures

Wednesday 25th November

Changes to safeguarding measures

Dear Parents/Carers,

On Monday you received a letter regarding updated Welsh Government guidance on the use of face coverings in schools and on dedicated school transport for year 7 and up. The guidance now states that face coverings should be worn:

  • in all areas outside the classroom by staff and learners in secondary schools and colleges;
  • on dedicated school and college transport for learners in year 7 and up;
  • by visitors to all schools and colleges, including parents and carers picking up and collecting children.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of two additional changes to our Covid-19 safeguarding measures.

Firstly, after receiving further clarification yesterday, I can confirm that staff and pupils should wear face coverings everywhere on the school premises outside the classroom, which includes outside areas. This change in practice will commence from Thursday 26th November. Outside areas include the school yard, play areas and bus bay area. However, pupils do not need to wear masks in PE lessons.

Secondly, from Thursday 26th November pupils should use their lesson 2 classroom instead of their lesson 1 classroom at break time. The reason for the change is that this will allow for classroom furniture to be sanitised more quickly while the pupils make their way to their next lesson at break time. However, it is great to report that most pupils are enjoying using outdoor facilities at break and lunch time in their designated outdoor zones.

Please continue to follow these updated Welsh Government guidelines and encourage your child to follow all the school’s safeguarding measures; more details can be found here . It would be a huge help if you are able to ensure that your child brings their own mask to school, we do give disposable masks to those pupils who do not bring their own but this comes with a financial and environmental cost. Some pupils lose their mask during the day so it would be hugely appreciated if they could carry a spare mask in their bag if their mask is lost or broken during the day. The Welsh Government guidelines have been made stronger to keep you and your families as safe as possible. They are based on new advice from Welsh Government’s Technical Advisory Group, as we learn more about the way COVID-19 is transmitted.

This week’s virtual assembly’s theme reinforces the importance of respect, social responsibility and our Covid-19 safeguarding measures. We truly appreciate how you reinforce these important messages with your child at home, it results in a safer environment for everyone in school.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. G. Rees