Enrolment Information for Y11 pupils going to Gower College

FAO: Year 11 Pupils going to Gower College


A face to face enrolment has now been agreed for every student, to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to gain appropriate advice and guidance following their GCSE results.  Appointments will be sent by post and should go out the week of 10th August.  They will have at least a week’s notice.

This appointment will supersede any previous appointment they may have been given.  It is imperative that they stick to their allocated appointment as they will only be allowed in at their given time.  This is due to social distancing guidelines and numbers that we are allowed to have on campus at any one time.  Students may only be accompanied by one family member/friend.

The enrolment process will be the same as previous years.  They need to bring GCSE results, a £40 registration fee, form of ID and payment for a bus pass or proof for funding/FCF allocation letter.

They will then be given information on induction and their start date will be confirmed.

If they are unable to attend their appointment and need to rearrange, they need to email admissions@gcs.ac.uk giving their full name and date of birth.

Some students will have received a link to do an online enrolment – not all students will have been sent this.  It has been done to try and reduce the amount of form filling at enrolment.  All students will be invited to enrolment, regardless of whether they’ve completed a partial online enrolment or not.