Half Term Update

22nd May 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope you and your family are well and would like to thank you for your support in helping your child continue to progress in a new way of learning at home. With, what would have been the half-term week approaching, this is a ‘keeping in touch letter’ and a reminder of what has been achieved so far and our plan for future ‘distance learning’. We do not know when the school will re-open or what that would mean for your own child. Therefore, we need to plan to continue improving our provision for pupils’ learning in a different way.

The way in which pupils, parents/carers and staff have adapted to distance learning has been outstanding, in most cases. Everyone has their part to play. Through a recent data analysis of our virtual learning environment (Moodle) we can see the huge amount of work that pupils and staff have completed in a relatively short space of time. Other tools have been used successfully, such as Google classrooms and Teams, to match the needs of individual subjects.

We endeavour to continually improve our distance learning provision. During the next few weeks we will be asking you to complete a survey. The survey will become a significant evaluation tool to identify future improvements with our distance learning resources. We are not sending the survey out immediately because we would prefer your child to firstly work with recent changes made.

You know the needs of your own child and how much they have worked over recent weeks so please be mindful that as it is half-term next week therefore we recommend that pupils, parents and carers take a break, where possible and appropriate. You know your child best in terms of how to achieve a healthy work life balance. Whilst we endeavour to ensure that there is work available for pupils to access online should they want to, there is no requirement for pupils to complete work during the half-term week. The school will remain open as an Emergency Childcare Setting for the Pontarddulais Cluster Schools.

Colleagues have been keen to know how your child is managing during these uncertain times. It speaks volumes for the inclusive and caring nature of staff asking if pupils can be contacted at home. We have been advised that live video conferencing lessons/contact is a potential risk, due to safeguarding, so the next best thing is a ‘catch up’ phone call. Sometimes old technology trumps new technology! Therefore, a member of staff (possibly form tutor) will be making contact via telephone over the coming weeks. This has already started with positive feedback from both parents/carers and pupils.

The patience and understanding of parents/carers and pupils is greatly appreciated. We are committed to continuing to support you, and your child, therefore please remember you can still contact the school via email (info@pontcomp.co.uk ) or phone the school (8am-5pm Monday to Friday). Your ongoing support is valued more than ever, and we look forward to the day where life and school can return to normal, in the meantime please keep safe and well.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. G. Rees