20th April – Home Learning Resources

20th April 2020 – Resources Update

Here’s a quick update with some news and resources from the last two weeks.

Bont News Update

Over the last few weeks Mr Jones has been very busy. He is using a 3D printer to manufacture the personal protective equipment for NHS staff and frontline workers.

The school has also donated its stock of safety goggles from the Science & Technology departments to hospitals in Swansea. See this tweet for more information. We have also donated aprons and vinyl gloves from the STF and Food & Nutrition departments.

Work & Deadlines


The deadline for the GCSE IT work has been extended to the 31st May 2020.

New Work


KS3 –  The Art department have uploaded a lovely range of craft ideas onto Study Zone. Head over to the Art area to access them.


Mrs Palmer has created 52 different recipes for you to try during your home learning adventure. These are available in the wellbeing section.


KS3 – Year 8 have a new task – a discussion on extreme sports. Head over to the English section to complete this work.


KS4 – Geography have added additional resources under the Unit 2 Weather climate and Ecosystems section.


KS3 – A new task has been posted in KS3 Humanities on Crime & Punishment. Head over to the KS3 Humanities section to view it. Miss Gleeson has also created challenges for Year 7 and 8.


KS3 -IT has a new course uploaded called number systems. There’s a few tutorial videos as well as self marking quizzes for you to test your knowledge.


The PE department have added resources on Study Zone for Year 10 GCSE pupils and those who have opted to Study GCSE PE in Year 9. Head over to the PE area to download the books. Click here to go to their page.

StudyZone Update

StudyZone Easter Egg Hunt
Over 140 Virtual Eggs Given away
Over 140 Virtual Eggs Given away