Florida 2020 Trip

9th March  2020

Dear Parent/Guardian

As the Florida trip is just over four weeks away I thought I would take this opportunity to write to you with all the last minute details you will need regarding our trip.

We will meet at the school at 3.45 am to leave by 4.15 am on Monday 6th April. Please be prompt as we will have lots of cases to load on the bus and we need to get away by 4.15 am.  After that we will begin our onward journey to Heathrow Airport, stopping at a services enroute.


Flight Details

Outbound-  6th April 2020

Flight departs LHR at 12.25am arrives in CLT at 16.55pm

Flight departs CLT at 19.59pm arrives in MCO at 21.43PM

Inbound -14th April 2020

Flight departs MCO at 15.30pm arrives in CLT at 17.19pm

Flight departs CLT at 19.05pm arrives in LHR at 08.00am on 15th April 2020

On each flight pupils will have a main meal and a snack just before landing.

Hotel Details

Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa

8113 Resort Village Drive, Orlando, FL 32821, United States

Phone: +1 407-597-0214


Useful Information

  • Baggage allowance for our flight is 20 kgs, please make sure you don’t go over as the airline may make you take things out of the suitcase to bring the weight down.
  • Flights When we check in pupils will be allocated seat numbers for the flight.  We have no control over exactly what seats they will be given but we will all be placed together in a group.  Pupils will be expected to sit in the seats allocated to them.
  • Spending money – we recommend an amount of around $40-50 per day as a budget.  As mentioned during our meeting your child will be expected to buy their own meals during the week at certain times , these will be around $10-$15a time.  There will be opportunities for your child to go shopping.  So obviously extra money will be needed but just be aware any purchases will need to fit in their suitcase to come back!
  • Bank – Your child’s money will be collected from them when we arrive at our hotel in Orlando.  It will be held in the hotel safe for the week and your child will have the opportunity to take out money each day for what they need.  Please make sure you pack your child’s money safely and securely for the journey, it would be advisable to spread it in different parts of their luggage.
  • Passports – These will also be held in the hotel safe throughout our stay, pupils will only have them when they are needed to get through airport security.
  • Liquids – Can I remind you that your child will only be allowed to carry liquids that are in 100 ml bottles in their hand luggage onto the plane.  All toiletries should be packed into main luggage.  Please don’t pack large drinks bottles into hand luggage as they won’t be allowed through with them and will have to be discarded at security.
  • Medication – If your child needs to take any medication whilst on the trip and you haven’t stated this on the consent form please contact myself so I can be aware.  If your child needs to take liquid medication on the plane you will need a supporting letter from a GP.
  • Insurance Cover – We have a very comprehensive insurance policy through the City and County of Swansea.  It will cover all medical eventualities, our insurance company will only pay out for a medical claim. Our insurance policy will also only cover pupils if they have followed all instructions given to them by members of staff at all times, as set out in our risk assessments. Please stress with your child the importance of following instructions to ensure their safety. Our insurance will not cover luxury items such as phones/tablets/toiletries and jewellery.  Please take out your own separate insurance if you want to insurance items such as these.
  • ESTA – This is the entrance visa needed to get into the USA.  As a school we will apply and pay for this for your child.
  • Mobile Phones – We anticipate that most pupils will bring mobile phones with them whilst abroad.  Please make sure that the data roaming function is switched off as otherwise your child will rack up a large bill!  Make sure your child’s phone will work in the USA, it needs to be triband.   The school insurance policy will not cover the loss or damage to mobile phones or other ‘luxury’ items your child wishes to bring with them.
  • Staff contact – During the trip you will be able to get hold of Mr Christopher Mitchell on the staff phone by phone or text, the phone number will be sent to you in the next week. If any incidents occur and you need to speak to a member of staff please use this number.  All incidents will be dealt with by staff as soon as possible and if need be we will phone parents using the contact details provided on the consent forms.  Please be aware the USA is 5 hours behind UK time so there may be some delays in contacting you.
  • Groups – Your child will be allocated into a group with a staff member in charge.  This member of staff will keep your child in the group at important times such as in the airport, to and from activities .  There will be occasions when your child will be unsupervised such as in the shopping mall.  They will be expected to remain in groups and staff will man an hourly meeting point during these activities.
  • ID Cards – Each child will be given an ID card when we depart, it will have the name of the resort we are staying at as well as the staff mobile number.
  • Tour Hoodies – Please make sure your child is wearing this on the morning we leave, they will all be required to wear them on travel days.
  • Luggage Tags – We will have a final meeting during the week before we go, at this meeting your child will be presented with two luggage tags.  The first one is for our outward journey and should be attached to their main suitcase (not hand luggage), please fill in the flight number and hotel details for Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa.  The second luggage label is to be used for our inbound flight, fill in the return flight number and school address, it will be put on main luggage before we depart on our final day in Florida.
  • Twitter updates – Keep up to date with all we are doing through the school Twitter (@pontcompschool) we will endeavour to update this as regularly as possible depending on WIFI access with pictures and comments from our travels.
  • Meal times – We will expect your child to turn up on time for all meals to ensure that they have had the opportunity to eat, pupils will be walking long distances throughout the day and some days we will be in the theme parks for 12 hours.  So we will expect them to eat breakfast every day, each year we have a number of children who feel ill later in the day because they haven’t eaten any breakfast.  As usual your child will receive a dollar fine every time they are late for a meal.
  • Meeting times- It is crucial that pupils arrive at all meeting points when requested to do so. Throughout our time in Florida pupils will be unsupervised when going around the theme parks and will need to meet at designated check in points at agreed times. Under no circumstances are pupils to go off on their own and must stay within groups of at least 3.



Please find attached the most up to date itinerary, as explained in the meeting held in November, the itinerary is subject to change if one of the theme parks closes due to storms etc.


Breakfast is included each day whilst we are staying at the hotel. On the itinerary I have indicated when meals will be provided, pupils will need to purchase a meal at times when it is not indicated.

Arriving back at school

When we return we should arrive back at school around 1 pm but we will post on the school twitter an exact time when we know it.

If you have any further queries about anything to do with the trip please don’t hesitate to contact me at the school office on 01792 886251.

Yours faithfully


Mr  C Mitchell

Trip leader