Numeracy GCSE Information

Dear Year 11 Parent/Guardian,

The GCSE Mathematics Numeracy exams will take place on:

  • Tuesday 5th November – Unit 1 Non Calculator paper
  • Thursday 7th November – Unit 2 Calculator paper

All pupils have afterschool revision sessions with their teachers from 3pm and 4pm once a week. The timetable below shows the days for each individual class.


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
11PO1 Miss Rees 11NTI Mrs Woodall (Week 1) 11NTI2 – Miss Jenkins 11PO3 – Mrs Evans
11PO2 Miss John 11NTI3 – Miss Rees & Mrs Hardway
11NTI1 Mrs Woodall (Week 2)


All past papers, marking schemes and classroom resources have been uploaded to GCSE Maths in OneNote. Pupils can access these from their hwb account. is a brilliant resource for topic by topic videos and past paper questions. has lessons for all topics at GCSE level.

If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact Miss Rees, Head of Mathematics.

Many Thanks