Year 10 Subject Based Parents’ Evening

21st February 2019

Dear Parent/Guardian,


Year 10 Subject Based Parents’ Evening

You are invited to attend a subject based Parents’ Evening at the school on Monday 11th March 2019.

With imminent Year 10 external GCSE examinations this is an excellent opportunity to discuss, with individual subjects teachers, your child’s progress and how to best support your child in preparation for their examinations.

The meetings will be by appointment and should be made for 10 minute time slots.  Each meeting should last approximately 5 minutes to allow you to move onto your next appointment.  This should reduce the need for queuing and provide a focused feedback on your child’s progress.  Your child will need to make appointments with their subject teacher, it is imperative that this is completed as quickly as possible.

During the evening the Progress Manager for Year 10, Mr. Culleton, will be available should you wish to discuss any matters relating to your child.

Provision will be made for you to sign a register, in the school foyer, on arrival and departure.

Yours faithfully,


Miss N. Miles

Assistant Headteacher