27 April

Year 7, 8 and 9 National Tests

Dear Parent/Guardian, All pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9 will sit National Tests during May 2016.  Mock tests were sat during December 2015, which pupils will go over in class with their English and Maths teachers prior to the …

27 April


Letters Sent Home .vc_custom_1419240516480{background-color: #f9f9f9 !important;} Insight access for Parents19th September 2018 Dear Parent / Guardian, At Pontarddulais Comprehensive, we view the home school links as extremely valuable and we are looking to improve the methods of communication further. In …
25 April


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20 April


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13 April

Bont Leisure

The new leisure centre in Pontarddulais is here! Come to experience workout classes that will put your fitness to the test – located in Pontarddulais Comprehensive School. We offer Boxercise and Circuit classes suited for beginners and fanatics, so click the link below and come to Bont …

13 April

Payments & Contact

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12 April


Behaviour Procedure Controlled Assessment - Risk Management Curriculum Ambassadors, Pupil Observers Curriculum Disability Equality Scheme Disabled Pupils, Staff - Action Plan Driving At Work Education Improvement Grant (EIG) Annual Spend Plan 2017-18 Home School Agreement More Able and Talented Pupils …
11 April

Parents Evenings

Parents evenings for school year 2018/19. Yr 11—Monday 24th September Yr 6—Monday 22nd October Yr 7—Monday 26th November Yr 9—Monday 28th January Yr 11—Monday 4th February Yr 10—Monday 11th March Yr 8—Monday 1st April